Rouen : Capital of Normandy


Panoramic View of Rouen

I spent one year in Rouen with my wife. I had lot of memories in this city. I worked in university of Rouen as a postdoc fellow.

Rouen city is a port city on the seine river.  If you want to see beautiful panoramic view of city.

Hill St. Catherine – Rouen Panorama:

The  Panorama View  on top of the hill is only about 15 minutes from theatre des arts or city centre by taking tram t1 , then walk past the Saint-Maclou church along the Rue Martainville, keep going straight over a tram station, under a bridge then the steps begin on your right just after the bridge. It sounds like a long way but really isn’t. From there the steps are about another 15 minutes and are quite steep but the views from the top are worth it. You can just sit and take in the lovely views. It really is peaceful up there. I thoroughly recommend it who travel around rouen.

It is a magnificent view over Rouen and the Seine valley. It all depends on the clearness of the weather, of course. But even in cloudy and slightly hazy weather, it is very good, with the iron spire of Rouen Cathedral reaching about the same height as the viewer.

Rouen Cathedral of Notre Dame

Rouen Cathedral one of  the tallest church  in France and a wealth of art, history, and architectural . Its an Excellent example of Gothic Cathedral in Rouen, France. Great place to see stonework statues up close and exterior statues have been brought inside to preserve from the outside elements. The Cathedral was started in the 12th century and took about 250 years to build.

Rouen Cathedral’s opening hours are:

  • Monday 2 to 6 pm
  • Tuesday to Saturday – 9 am to 7 pm
  • Sunday 8 am to 6 pm

From November to April, the church closes at 6 pm and is closed over lunch from noon to 2 pm.

Entry free for all visitors.

Rouen’s Cathedral Light Show

The Rouen Cathedral of Notre Dame is highlighted each year with  an incredible show of sound and light. When night falls, couples, families, groups, tourists and the residents of Rouen and its surrounding area can be found on the Place de la Cathédral to be astonished by this fully emotive show.

We visited a light show its an Emotional and beloved show, Notre Dame will be dressed for a new show from 12th June to 27th September, based on two themes: Joan and the Vikings. Established in 911 by the Scandinavian chief Rollo, Normandy experienced some dark hours with the Viking invasions of the ninth century. Joan of Arc, a legendary character in France, tells her story on the facade of the tallest cathedral in France.

The show is free and can be enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of spectators throughout the season.


The Gros-Horloge  is a fourteenth-century astronomical clock in Rouen, Normandy. The clock is installed in a Renaissance arch crossing the Rue du Gros-Horloge, in Rouen. The mechanism is one of the oldest in France, the movement was made in 1389. Construction of the clock was started by Jourdain del Leche who lacked the necessary expertise to finish the task, so the work was completed by Jean de Felain, who became the first to hold the position of governor of the clock.

Holi Run

The Holi Run has its origins in India, Holi, they celebrated for two days during the full moon, around February-March. It’s a Hindu festival. During that time, people splash on coloured pigments.

Holi Run: a festive and colourful race on the banks of the Seine in Rouen.

This sporting event is especially festive. The race takes place in music, and colours. Every kilometre, the runners will cross a “zone of colours” (yellow, red, green, blue and pink), in music, of which they will emerged with colours.

Upon arrival, everyone will receive their bag of coloured powder and will be able to participate in the Holi Party, with coloured canons and DJs, until 11 pm.

Holi Run joins a charitable cause. In Rouen, for the last three years, the race has been supporting We Can Bodge, an association of the Faculty of Medicine, which works to facilitate access to care for disadvantaged populations in Cambodia.

Practical information.

Holi Run , starting at 7 pm in Rouen, Hangar 23, Quai de la Seine Right Bank.

Rates: from 25 to 28 euros.

square market

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Panorama XXL

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