Postdoctoral Positions

Postdoctoral Research Associate in organic chemistry -Grenoble, France

Eligible candidate, Skills/Qualification:

The ideal candidate should hold a PhD in organic chemistry. He/She should possess a strong record in multi-steps synthetic organic chemistry, purification and chemical characterizations skills. He / She will have a good academic background, a postdoctoral experience after PhD is preferred but not mandatory. The candidate should be adapted to teamwork, and he/she should demonstrate excellent communication and writing (English) skills.

Employer/Workplace: CEA-Grenoble, INAC, Grenoble, France

Intended start date: As soon as possible, Duration: 18 months

Salary: € 2500 up to € 2900 gross salary per month depending on previous experience

How to apply for this position?

Application file should be addressed to

An eligible application will include: i) a cover letter explaining the motivation of the candidate, ii) a Resume/CV, iii) a list of publications/patents/communications, and iv) a list of few contact referees and two reference letters.

Topic: In the last years polymer solar cells using non-fullerene acceptors (NFA) have gain high attention in the field of organic photovoltaics. Indeed, they have led to a strong increase in power conversion efficiency up to 14.4% and, using them with polymers, the demonstration of fast exciton dissociation at low driving forces has been made. In the framework of a national project funded by ANR in which academic and industrial partners are involved, the candidate will be in charge of the development and the characterization of new NFA molecules for use in bulk-heterojunction solar cells. The candidate will join the SYMMES-STEP laboratory at CEA-Grenoble, this team has strong expertise in synthesis and characterization of organic semiconductors for photovoltaic applications. He/She will develop several classes of NFA molecules to obtain materials absorbing in different regions of the solar spectrum. Particular efforts will be made to synthesize highly pure NFA molecules in order to reach high electrical performances and a good reproducibility. The molecules will be fully characterized structurally and electrochemically using a large number of techniques available in the laboratory, and their optoelectronic properties will be studied in solution and in the solid state. The candidate will be also involved in the preparation of the blends used as active layer and their characterization.

Post-doctoral position in organic chemistry

IC2MP –POITIERS- FRANCE- Salary: 2000 €

Duration: 14 months
Starting date: October 2018


Applicants must have completed a Ph.D. in organic chemistry and demonstrate a strong background in organic synthesis. Additional experience in carbohydrate chemistry would be appreciated. The successful applicant should be able to work independently and to supervise students involved in this subject.


Interested and highly motivated applicants should provide a cover letter stating their motivation for this position and a CV including a publications list and the name of 2 referees (with address, phone number and email). Salary: 2000 € net (depending on the experience)

Contacts : Prof. Sébastien THIBAUDEAU

Prof. Yves BLÉRIOT

Applications are invited for a Post-doctoral Fellow position at the Institute of Chemistry of Poitiers (IC2MP UMR CNRS 7285) / University of Poitiers to develop new methodologies toward the synthesis of unprecedented glycoconjugates exploiting superacid.


POSTDOCTORAL Positions in Organic

Chemistry in Paris, France

Four postdoctoral positions are to be filled at Ecole Supérieure de Physique Chimie Industrielle (ESPCI Paris) and at Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) in Paris.

Candidates profile:

The ideal candidates will have a PhD in organic synthesis (experience in purification techniques and structural characterization of organic molecules). A training in catalysis and organometallic chemistry will be appreciated but not mandatory. The ability to work in a team, interest to be involved in a multidisciplinary research project, as well as good communication/writing skills and a good mastery of the English language are essential.

Additional information:

The positions are for 1 year. Relevant experience will be taken into account. The selected candidates

are expected to begin as soon as possible (May 2018). For more information on the research groups

please visit our group’s websites (ESPCI Paris , CNAM ).

Application process:

The positions are to be filled as soon as possible. Please send a detailed CV (including 2 reference

contacts) together with a motivation letter by email before April 22nd 2018 to the following addresses:

Professor Janine Cossy

Ecole Supérieure de Physique Chimie Industrielle de la ville de Paris

Dr. Zacharias Amara

Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers


Postdoc position in Bioorganic Chemistry of

NucleicAcids at IOCB Prague (Czech Republic)


The applicant should hold a Ph.D. (in organic chemistry or biochemistry) for less than 6 years and should have a well-established experience in organic, bioorganic, biomolecular or medicinal chemistry or biochemistry. Experience with nucleic acids and/or aptamer selection is an advantage. The candidate is required to have the ability to conduct scientific work with a high degree of independence and creativity. Good proficiency in spoken and written English is also requested.

How to apply

Please submit cover letter, CV, list of publications and 3 reference letters by e-mail to: . Applications will be reviewed and considered until the position is filled.



A fully funded postdoc position is available in Prof. Michal Hocek group starting from May 2018 (or as soon as possible). The candidates will join an international multidisciplinary team of the Joint Laboratory of Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry of Nucleic Acids of the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry (IOCB), Czech Academy of Sciences and the Charles University in Prague. The project will involve the design and synthesis of modified nucleotides and nucleic acids and development of new aptamers. The position is available for the period of 2 years.

Post-Doctoral Position in CO2 Valorization by

Mechanochemistry – Starting date (at the

latest): June 1st, 2018 (12 Months)

Profile:  Candidate should have a PhD in organic chemistry and solid skills in synthesis and in analytical methods (NMR, mass spectrometry, HPLC, IR, XRD). Knowledge on solid-phase analysis would be appreciated. Candidate should also have a strong interest in the technological and physico-chemical aspects of the project. He (She) will be motivated, passionate for chemistry with a strong will to take up challenges.

Position details: Position is funded by the CNRS, the leading french research agency. The project will be performed at the University of Montpellier within the Green Chemistry & Enabling Technologies team ( of the Institut des Biomolécules Max Mousseron in Montpellier, France. The position is for 12 months with annual net salary >24 k€, depending on post-PhD experiences.

Important: the post-doctoral position will imperatively start June the 1st, 2018.


Please send your CV (english or french, including references) and cover letter in

pdf format to Thomas-Xavier METRO:

Postdoc research associate position in organic

and organometallic chemistry

Postdoc research associate position in organic and organometallic chemistry for applications in photochemistry and polymerization.

Details: duration of 12 months from 28/05/2018 to 24/05/2019. CNRS funding and administration. Hiring process will be closed by 30/03/2018.

Requirements: Applicants must have a PhD in chemistry with a strong experience in organic and organometallic chemistry. Experience in photochemistry and/or in polymerization chemistry will be an added value.

Subject: The research project COORDPHOTOPOL (CNRS EMERGENCE@INC2018) aims to prepare photo-switchable organometallic catalysts and apply them to the ring-opening polymerization and copolymerization of lactide and other bio-sourced cyclic ester monomers. It will be developed at UCCS UMR 8181 CNRS at ENSCL- Lille University in Villeneuve d’Ascq-France, within the MOCAH research team whose leader is Professor Marc Visseaux.

Contacts: Dr Christophe Michon, +33(0)320436863

Postdoc position in organic chemistry –

Bordeaux, France

The project will tackle the improvement of the synthesis route of a key intermediate in the synthesis

of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and will target a direct application in Beuvry-la-Forêt

production site.

Requirement: PhD in Organic Synthesis

Fluent in French or English

Expertise: Organic synthesis, Analysis and characterization methods (NMR, GC/MS, IR, HPLC),

bonus: flow synthesis, organometallic catalysis.

Application: Send CV + list of publication + 3 references contact (Name, Affiliation, email) to

The Institute of Molecular Science is hiring one researcher for a 12 months contract for a research
project in collaboration with Minakem. The host laboratory is a mixed research unity
(CNRS/Bordeaux INP/university of Bordeaux), whose expertise is based on molecular approaches to
chemistry. The project will be located in the “Organic Synthesis and Natural Substance” group
(ORGA) and led by Dr. Mathieu Pucheault. Minakem is a chemical company who make active
ingredient of three FDA- and AFSSAPS-approved production sites in Dunkerque, Beuvry-la-Forêt and Leuna.

for more details see:

Post-doc position in organic chemistry -France

Postdoctoral researcher position to be filled at from the second quarter of 2018 for a period of 12 months Funding SERVIER Laboratories.

Object: Synthesis of heterocyclic hybrid structures -sugars based on a Diels-Alder reaction to reverse demand.

Candidate Profile and Curriculum:

The candidate will hold a doctorate in organic chemistry and should have a good experience in organic synthesis and in analytical technique. Experience in sugar chemistry and / or heterocyclic chemistry and / or in organometallic chemistry would be (would be) a plus.

Contacts: Send CV (with at least two referees) and cover letter to:

Pr. Didier Dubreuil:  tel: 02-51-12-54-20

Pr. Jacques Lebreton:  tel: 02-51-12-54-03

Missions: The work will consist in preparing, in particular, modified sugars throughout quick access routes from commercial sugars. These modified sugars will then be evaluated in inverse-demand Diels-Alder reactions with type partners tetrazines. From these intermediates, various functionalization reactions will be performed to access original molecular platforms in the context of this research collaboration contract with SERVIER Laboratories.

Post-doctoral fellowship position opened at

Laboratory of Enzymology and Protein

Folding, Centre for Protein Engineering,

University of Liège – Belgium

Duration: 31 months

Start: between now and June 2018

Required knowledge and skills:
– The candidate has recently obtained a PhD in biochemistry, biophysics or related fields.
– The candidate should have demonstrable experience in molecular biology and construct design,
protein expression, purification and characterization, and protein-protein interactions.
– The candidate should have excellent organization, communication and team skills

Procedure and contact:

Email to a CV, motivation letter and contact information for three references.

Main activities: The stages of project will mainly include the preparation of nanomedicine, the evaluation of its ability to inhibit elastase in vitro, its physicochemical characterization, the evaluation of its stability and biological characterization in vivo in healthy mice (pharmacokinetic) and in mice with the respiratory pathology of the cystic fibrosis. The candidate will be involved in the supervision of a technician and Master students working on the project. The research will be essentially carried out at the Centre for Protein Engineering, a multidisciplinary institute of nearly 100 persons ( ) and in close collaboration with the other partners of this interuniversity project including the groups of Prof. Rita Vanbever (Université Catholique de Louvain, ), Prof. Teresinha Leal (Université Catholique de Louvain, and Prof. Serge Muyldermans (Vrije Universiteit Brussel,

Post-doc position in organic chemistry -France

His Ph.D. thesis for less than 2 years.

Please send to Vincent Reboul 02 31 45 28 84): a letter of motivation, a CV and a letter of recommendation from the director thesis.

End of applications: April 13, 2018

The objective of this project is to propose the use of diazirines (labeled with nitrogen 15, an isotope
natural non-radioactive nitrogen 14) as a molecular marker for medical diagnosis by MRI of
Alzheimer’s disease. The molecules once synthesized will be tested in-vitro (CERMN) and a
Specificity study will be performed in case of good affinity (LDM-PET). The best candidate will then be hyperpolarized, allowing detection by conventional MRI machines.


Postdoctoral position- Organic chemistry and


Position: 1 year position funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR), Availability: June/September 2018,

Salary : around 2200 €/month Location : IMIV (CEA-SHFJ, Orsay) and SCBM (CEA, Saclay)

PhD in organic chemistry with a strong organic synthesis background. Experience in fluorescent dye synthesis or macrocyclic chemistry would be appreciated. Applicants are invited to send a CV, cover-letter, list of publications and references to: Bertrand Kuhnast,  and Marie Pierre Heck,

The objectives are:

 To synthesize a series of dual PET/NIRF probes bearing a fluorine-18 atom,

 To functionalize bambusuril-based scaffolds with in vivo targeting entities

and the dual imaging dye to build new imaging agents that can be used in

combined PET and NIRF imaging.


Postdoctoral position-Bioinformatics

Candidates interested in applying for this position should send a cover letter and a CV describing their research experience and publication list to Dr. Axel Innis ( no later than March 1st, 2018. They should also provide the names and contact details for at least two referees.

The start date is flexible, but no earlier than March 1st, 2018. The position is full time, 38.5 hours per week, with an initial fixed term of 1 year that can be further extended. The initial gross salary will begin at 30,352 euros per year and will be dependent on the skills and experience of the successful applicant. Funding for this position will be provided through an ERC Consolidator grant (Project acronym: NascenTomiX).

A postdoctoral position in bioinformatics is available in the lab of Dr. Axel Innis ( at the European Institute for Chemistry and Biology (IECB) in Bordeaux ( We are seeking a highly motivated candidate with a PhD in Bioinformatics or in a related field, an excellent track record and fewer than 2 years postdoctoral experience. Excellent programming skills in C/C++ and Python are a must. Moreover, we are particularly interested in candidates with strong expertise in genomic data mining, comparative genomics approaches and/or NGS data analysis. Candidates should speak English fluently.

Postdoctoral synthetic chemist job at the

Rockefeller University, New York.

Please submit cover letter, CV, Summary of Ph.D. and postdoctoral Research, List of publications, and contact information for 2-3 references as a PDF file by e-mail to Subhash C. Sinha, PhD, The Rockefeller University, 1230 York Avenue, New York, NY 10065. E-mail:

The candidate must have a PhD in medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, or chemical biology, have an extensive knowledge/experience in synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry, and have published his/her work in reputed journals. Excellent oral and written communication skills in English are required. The candidate will have to be highly organized and have a genuine interest in drug discovery. Experience with combinatorial chemistry and mass spectrometric analysis is desirable. A successful candidate will work under the supervision of Dr. Subhash Sinha, and collaborate with a team of chemists, as well as with Molecular Biologists supervised by Dr. Marc Flajolet.

particularly ambitious and a collaborative project centered on the development of a multibillion DNA-encoded chemical library and taking place at the Rockefeller University, New York. This innovative technology was conceived initially by renowned scientists Dr. Richard A. Lerner of the Scripps Research Institute, and Nobel Laureate Dr. Sydney Brenner, and is currently gaining popularity, as large-scale DNA synthesis and DNA sequencing technologies became more affordable. The main goals will be to 1) increase the library size by several orders of magnitude, while 2) optimizing, developing and creating novel DNA compatible chemistry reactions. We also work closely with Dr. Paul Greengard, Nobel Laureate, and his laboratory at the Rockefeller University. The ultimate goal will be to probe with this library numerous biological targets discovered in the Greengard laboratory, as well as in other laboratories at this institution and elsewhere.

Post-doc position in organic chemistry

Gross salary: 2324 €/month.

Candidates should send (closing date March 15th 2018) –

Curriculum vitae including a list of publications and communications and the description of research experiences in organometallic chemistry, catalysis and organic synthesis – A cover letter describing motivation and research accomplishments, – two letters of recommendation to be sent directly to the email below. – Contact of at least two or three referees To be considered, applications have to be sent to the two following addresses:

Postdoc profile: We are looking for an applicant with a strong background in modern organic
chemistry, including organometallic chemistry, catalysis and organic synthesis, and a
strong motivation to interact with TASC partners.

Project: The research project aims at developing general and straightforward approaches to
indenone/fluorenone cores based on the use of transition metal-catalyzed cycloaddition
reaction. The candidate will investigate the influence of catalytic systems and/or substrate
modulations for optimization of the present methodology, definition of the scope and
mechanistic understanding.

For additional information on the project and the working environment, feel free to contact
us and for details about our groups, see the following website:

18 months post-doctoral position available on

the discovery on new synthetic molecular


Gross Salary: around 2400 Euros/month. Applicants should send a CV, a motivation letter, and the contact information of at least two referees to Dr. Adrien Quintard.


Project: As nature uses biomachinery to promote an infinite number of life-essential processes, the development of new mimetic synthetic molecular machines hold great promise to potentially drive innovative solutions to physical or biological major societal issues. Although, the last decade has seen an explosive growth in the development of chemical nanomachines, a number of crucial challenges still need to be efficiently addressed to reach competitive synthetic tools. In this project, we propose to design new type of molecular machines to solve the problem of the continuous generation of a molecular motion by a fuel. The selected candidate will be involved in multi-disciplinary aspects of modern organic chemistry from the design and synthesis of the molecular machines to motion experiments.

Profile: The position requires a solid training in organic synthesis and in supramolecular chemistry. The skills required for this research are the classical skills of an organic chemist, especially concerning the ability to perform reactions under inert conditions and to purify organic compounds using standard techniques (chromatography, recrystallization, distillation) and a good knowledge in NMR analysis (1H, 13C, DEPT, HSQC, HMBC). We will look for a rigorous, motivated and enthusiastic candidate with excellent knowledge in general organic chemistry.


: nucleoside chemistry /organometallic



Applications – Please send a CV, a motivation letter and recommendations, mentioning “Post-doc Nucleoside” in the email title to: Prof. S. VINCENT –

Scientific profile – A PhD in organic synthesis is required. A knowledge in organometallic chemistry or in the multi-step synthesis of biomolecules could be advantageous.

General information’s – The candidate will be offered a 1-year post-doctoral contract, which can be extended. The project is expected to begin in spring/summer 2018. The candidate should not have spent more than 24 months in Belgium during the three last years.

Scientific project – The purpose of the project is the multi-step synthesis of a natural cofactor, a nucleoside monophosphate, and some analogues. The biochemical investigation (enzymology, structural biology etc…) will be realized in the laboratory of Professor P. Soumillion (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium). The project will be realized in the Unit of Organic Chemistry in the Chemistry department of UNamur. The laboratory of Prof. Vincent is specialized in bio-organic chemistry, with a special emphasis in glycosciences. In particular, the laboratory is interested in the mechanistic and inhibition studies of essential enzymes involved in the bacterial cell wall biosynthesis and the colonization processes by important human pathogens.

Full-time post-doctoral research position in

organic/organometallic chemistry

(12 months), starting on May/June 2018 

Application should send by e-mail to

Prof. Guillaume Berionni:

later than March, 1st 2018 and should include a motivation letter, a curriculum vitae and a list of publications as well as the
name and email address of two reference scientists.

Additional information:

You should (1) have been awarded your PhD not more than four (4) years ago

(2) be in an “international mobility situation”, meaning that you should not have resided or carried out your main activity (job, studies…) in Belgium for more than 24 months during a period of 3 years immediately preceding May 2018.

You will be awarded a monthly fellowship amounting ~ € 2100 after tax withdrawal.

In the frame of a research project supported by the National Science Foundation (Belgium) Hosted in the Berionni research group, chemistry department, University of Namur


Post-doctoral position in analytical Chemistry/


Glycomics available at the University of Rouen

Normandy – Glyco-

MEV lab, France.

To apply, please send your letter of motivation, CV, and a list of publications to Pr Muriel Bardor;

Start date: flexible, ideally February, 1rst, 2018
Duration: initial contract of 1 year with possibility to extend
Job location: Rouen, France

In the framework of the H2020 European Projet called PharmaFactory, the postdoctoral candidate will have to produce and characterize the quality of recombinant proteins produced in different plant models. Therefore, a strong background and handon experience in biochemistry and structural characterization of biomolecules by mass spectrometry are required in this position.
We are seeking motivated young researchers with a PhD degree and expertise in one or more as mentioned. Moreover, we are looking for hands-on person capable of working independently and taking responsibility, flexible in organizing and executing tasks. Excellent interpersonal skills and good team player would be necessary. Good knowledge in English would be appreciated. For detail on our laboratory and
publications, please visit our website (



Post-Doc in Poland ( Organic chemistry)

Institute of Organic Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences

The work will consist in independent research and optimization of new catalytic systems for the selective semi-hydrogenation of the triple C-C bond.



1. PhD degree in organic chemistry, organometallic chemistry or similar 2. Very good knowledge of organic synthesis or organometallic chemistry and catalysis with transitional metals;

3. Very good knowledge of English

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PhDs & postdcs in Polymer Interface Science and Nanomedicine- Switzerland

Applications should include a detailed CV, transcripts of diplomas as well as at least two letters of reference (or contact information of potential references).

For applications / more information:


Prof. Harm-Anton Klok

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

We are looking for highly motivated individuals with a strong background in organic and polymer chemistry and an interest in applying chemistry to prepare novel materials.

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AM-15 – Post Doctoral Researcher- Cork, Ireland


  • Doctoral degree or equivalent in physics, chemistry, computational science/engineering or materials science/engineering.
  • Knowledge of surface and structure analysis methods, e.g. XRD, SEM, and AFM, etc

Informal enquiries can be made in confidence to Alan Mathewson at

To apply, please click here to download and complete the application form and return, together with your cv and motivation letter to


  • Literature review and theoretical study on piezoelectric AlN films with improved piezoelectric properties,
  • First principles modelling of AlN material with a view to improving its piezoelectric properties through material doping, proper selection of substrate material, processing conditions, etc.

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Postdoctoral Protein & Peptide Chemistry Job

– Seattle, WA, US


* A PhD in organic or bio-organic chemistry
* Strong synthetic chemistry background including organic synthesis, peptide synthesis, protein modification and semi-synthesis
* Strong analytical skills for integrating and interpreting interdisciplinary data

Essential Functions:

Perform a deep survey of the literatures to identify chemistries or other methodologies for site-specific protein modifications. Design, validate and optimize a process of the identified reactions to a point that specific protein modification can be achieved under mild reaction conditions with attractive yields. Conduct and summarize all the work in a publishable manner with the goal of high-impact manuscripts. Effectively communicate with supervisor, colleagues and external research communities to promote a world-class research environment.

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Nano-Chemistry Postdoc-Reconfigurable Perovskites –

 California, USA

What Is Required:

  • PhD in nano-chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, or polymer chemistry.

  • Extensive experience in synthetic chemistry of 2-dimensional or colloidal nanomaterials.

  • Demonstrated knowledge or expertise in characterization methods of nanoscale materials.

  • Demonstrated ability to conduct and perform collaborative research and effectively interact with a broad range of colleagues.

  • Demonstrated ability to accurately and eloquently represent and promote scientific projects to audiences of diverse technical backgrounds.

What You Will Do:

  • Provide technical leadership in organic, polymeric, and nanocrystal materials design, synthesis, and characterization relevant to the program.

  • Develop dynamic, functional systems from nanoscale building blocks to direct matter and energy in 2-dimensional quantum materials.

  • Collaborate with MFD PIs and program Postdocs to understand in depth the fundamental principles underpinning the structure and properties of 2-dimensional quantum materials, in and out of equilibrium.

The posting shall remain open until the position is filled.


  • This is a full time, 1 year, postdoctoral appointment with the possibility of renewal based upon satisfactory job performance, continuing availability of funds and ongoing operational needs. You must have less than 4 years paid postdoctoral experience. Salary for Postdoctoral positions depends on years of experience post-degree.

  • Full-time, M-F, exempt (monthly paid) from overtime pay.

  • This position is represented by a union for collective bargaining purposes.

  • Salary will be predetermined based on postdoctoral step rates.

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Postdoctoral Research Associate – Chemistry Washington University in St.

Louis – USA


\Applicant Special Instructions:

Interested applicants should send a cover letter (with motivation and timeline) and a current curriculum vitae (including a list of publications) via email to In addition, applicants should arrange for letters of reference from three scientific mentors to be sent to, with subject line “Reference for Post-Doc Applicant NAME.”

Required Qualifications:

A Ph.D. in Chemistry or related field is required for this position. Research expertise in one or more of the following areas is highly desirable for this position:

1.      Synthesis (organic, inorganic, organometallic), including under inert atmosphere using Schlenk and glovebox methods.

2.      Characterization of inorganic complexes by multiple spectroscopic and other techniques.

3.      Handling and studies of the reactivity of compounds at low temperatures.

4.      Mechanistic studies using kinetics and other methods.

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Documents required:Lodz University of TechnologyResearch Assistant (post-doc) at the Institute of Polymer and Dye Technology at

• The application for employment addressed to the Rector of the Lodz University of Technology.

• The personal questionnaire.

• CV with scientific achievements (publication record including journal papers, conference presentations, research projects, prizes etc.)

• PhD diploma.

• Abstract of PhD Thesis

• PhD thesis supervisor’s opinion

• The other documents confirming required qualifications.

• The statement of candidate that the Lodz University of Technology will be the basic place of employment.


The documents should be delivered to Dean’s Office, Faculty of Chemistry, Lodz University of Technology, 90-924 Łódź, Żeromskiego 116 or e-mail address:

The candidates should have scientific achievements in the field of synthesis and characterization of intermediates, organic dyes and/or fluorescent/colorimetric sensors.

The fluent Polish and English is required to supervise students involved at the project.

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Post doc position-University of Rennes 1,


Development of earth-abundant metal catalysts for challenging
oxidations of alkenes at the industrial stage
Offer type: post-doctoral fellowship
Financing: ANR LabCom and Bretagne Region
Duration: 24 months
Recruiting organization: UMR University of Rennes 1 – CNRS 6226 Institut des Sciences Chimiques
de Rennes (ISCR), team “Organometallics: Materials & Catalysis”, group “Organometallic Catalysis
and Fine Chemistry”,
Workplace: Building 10C, Campus de Beaulieu, Rennes – France
Skill area: metal catalysis (homogeneous and heterogeneous), molecular chemistry, green chemistry
Presentation of the host laboratory:
This post-doctoral position arises from the research cooperation between the group “Organometallic
Catalysis and Fine Chemistry” of ISCR at University of Rennes 1 and the company Demeta S.A.S.

candidate will be the design and development of efficient catalytic systems for both syndihydroxylation
and oxidative cleavage of alkenes, by using resources and concepts of green
chemistry. The candidate will work in a molecular chemistry laboratory environment, and will conduct
experiments with modern synthetic equipment. Advanced analytical techniques (XRD, XPS, EDX,
NMR, TEM/SEM…) will be intensively used to characterize the targeted catalysts. Ongoing exchange
with Demeta company will ensure the development of industrial catalytic systems competitive toward
the market. Hence, the candidate will have a unique opportunity to be involved in challenging
fundamental research, in strong connection with its industrial development.

Candidate profile:
The candidate must hold a PhD in chemistry. Importantly, the successful applicant is expected to have
a solid background in transition metal catalysis, organometallic and organic chemistry, and be able
to conduct experiments with great care and reproducibility. Both homogeneous and heterogeneous
catalysts will be targeted in this project. Interest in green chemistry and good communication skills
in English (written and spoken) are of high importance. As Demeta will industrialize the
technological outcomes of this joint research work, a constant attention will be given to the industrial
transfer of processes. For this reason, knowledge in industrial chemistry will be considered as a merit.
The applicant should be willing to work in an international and interdisciplinary research environment
and be able to work independently as well as collaboratively.
Application procedure:
Applications should be sent by e-mail, in PDF format and contain:
– a letter of intent
– a detailed CV including previous research experiences
– a copy of the PhD diploma
– two confidential recommendation letters
Application will be addressed to both academic and industrial contact persons:
Contact at ISCR Contact at Demeta S.A.S
Prof. Dr. Christophe Darcel Dr. Vincent Escande

Postdoctoral internship in organic chemistry-


Synthesis of recoverable silyl heterocycles in university of rouen, France

send your cv and cover letter to:

(12 months) – start early 2018

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Postdoctoral Research Associate – Chemistry- Danforth



This position is in the Department of Chemistry. This position is for the Danforth Campus.

Essential Functions

The Barnes Integrated Materials Chemistry Research Group is seeking a talented and highly motivated candidate to fill an open post-doctoral position, beginning in March or April of 2018, in the Department of Chemistry at Washington University (Wash U) in St. Louis. The preferred candidate should possess extensive experience in synthetic organic and polymer chemistry, and have interests in supramolecular chemistry, stimuli-responsive systems, and materials characterization (i.e., rheology, X-ray scattering, atomic force microscopy, etc.). This position will also allow for additional opportunities to investigate new polymer methodologies, or in vitro (both mammalian and bacterial cells) and in vivo efficacy studies related to some of the multi-functional materials prepared in our group.

The Barnes group specializes in the design and development of “smart” functional materials, which capitalize on non-covalent bonding interactions and various polymerization methodologies. Researchers who join our laboratory will gain valuable experience in a broad range of areas and techniques, such as synthetic chemistry, polymer synthesis, characterization of non-covalent bonding interactions and host-guest systems, absorption spectroscopy, electrochemistry, size-exclusion chromatography, dynamic light-scattering, cell culturing, and in vivo efficacy studies.

Applicants should have successfully completed their PhD requirements by the time of appointment at Wash U and have excellent laboratory and analytical skills, as well as strong abilities in oral and written communication. Full applications include a curriculum vitae, a brief summary of past and current resaerch accomplishments, selected reprints of publications, three letters of recommendation, and designation of a preferred start date. These materials should be emailed as PDFs directly to Professor Jonathan Barnes ( Select applicants will be contacted and interviewed in December of 2017, and expected to begin post-doctoral work in the Spring of 2018.

Salary Range

The hiring range for this position is commensurate with experience.


This position is eligible for full-time benefits. Please visit our website at to view a summary of benefits.

Applicant Special Instructions

Full applications include a curriculum vitae, a brief summary of past and current resaerch accomplishments, selected reprints of publications, three letters of recommendation, and designation of a preferred start date. 

These materials should be emailed as PDFs directly to Professor Jonathan Barnes ( 


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A postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Arvin Dar at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York. An ideal candidate will have a background in chemical biology and synthetic organic chemistry. Projects focus on developing small molecule compounds for target validation and biological studies in models of human cancer.

Facilities and resources for chemical synthesis, molecular, and structural biology are available. The lab is located in the newly completed Hess Center, which provides a rich environment for scientific interactions, collaborations, and state of the art facilities. An extensive program of seminars, symposia and other organized meetings on campus focused on a large array of topics in cancer, chemical biology, cardiovascular research, and neuroscience provides a broader knowledge of biology and medicine. Mount Sinai offers housing options to trainees within New York City.


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