18 Countries in one year.

We are an Indian couple, Married on 4thNovember 2016. I am from a small and simple village called Podaralapalli, close to Mudigubba, in Andra pradesh , INDIA. while My wife Supriya is from Hyderabad. I am a middle class guy One who have a Lots of dreams like Photography and travelling . I decided that before my Sole leave from body  “ I want to travel at least 100 countries “.

I Started My working career in Paris (university of Paris Sud) , From that on wards I started my travel in Europe. After my marriage she  supported me, then  decided to travel with out intrude my work and joined with me to travel , As we travel in my holidays. Within a year we traveled together 18 countries with out quitting job, before I already traveled 28 countries and again I repeated with my wife , This is our beginning year and We wish to travel more countries in  the world up to our soles end . We are not hurry because we want to fill world memories through out our life.We started to share our experiences . hope this will be inspiration to people who also dream of travel.


France in January 2017.