Andorra- a mini country wedged between Spain and France


Journey from Toulouse to Andorra

we decided to spend a couple of days  through the hills. Most of world travelers including us, we didn’t even know that there was a country named Andorra out there until a few days ago. The Cheapest journey we had from toulouse to andorra . it take maximum 15 euros if we choose Bla-Bla car .We are very glad to meet such person he is cool even we are late he wait up to 30 minutes and  It didn’t take long to figure out that Andorra was a two and half hour journey each way from Toulouse. The route was little adventure as my wife got vomited because of the zig zag journey , so keep a vomiting cover while travelling , Who are unable to control .Finally we reached right time even though we are late . He just dropped us in front of our Hotel .

To travel toulouse to andorra you can book from below links:

Bla Bla car.     cost will be between 14-20 euro per head.

And bus.   cost between  30-35 euros.

Andorra La Villae

Andorra is one of the smallest countries in Europe, sandwiched between Spain and France in the Pyrenees. There is no problem about currency because they too use euro, though to understand though Catalan is the official language, everywhere have French, Spanish, and English as well.

After crossing through valleys, hills, and then the mountains, we entered the tiny country and its tinier capital, Andorra la Vella . and headed uphill toward the old town, where I thought I’d find the prettiest buildings and get the best shots.

Bridge at center of city : Andorra la vella

The Bridge is Located at he central of city . The View is awesome at the night with colorful Lights , beside shopping street and its  busy street statue and bridge together Looks great . the river is in the middle of the town . Its time to take a picture for good memory.

La Noblesse du Temps

This beautiful statue by Salvador Dali is definitely one of the landmarks of Andorra! Its along with the river  in the middle of town. A must for the picture.A short walk to find and most certainly worth going to see this work of art. Its easily located off the main shopping area and just behind it the river runs through the city and a great view of the town, bridge and mountain.

Andorra a Duty-free Country

Andorra is known for its duty free shopping. we bought new Microsoft pro price is lesser than France. I bought in Pyrenees shop. Excellent Climate and super-low-tax shopping. especially alcohol and cigarettes are cheap.

Childrens Park : Parc central

The park has a wonderful atmosphere and well worth a visit. Andorra is quite a safe place for children but I have lived in a number of places overseas that aren´t quite as safe and however, kids get excited in playgrounds and they occasionally forgets this when playing with other kids, especially if they are playing chase’s.

There is a small bridge to cross the river it is simply beautiful near the park and the shape and structure of bridge is like fish skeleton.

Sant Esteve Church

Built in the XIIth c., this church is of romanesque style. I personally appreciated its simplicity and the fact that the paintings next to the altar and the Virgin Mary statue at the entrance are distinct.

Andorra is not known for its big churches – and this isn’t one. There is a romanesque part, with a small tower, and built onto it a tasteful (but not huge) modern piece. We really enjoyed the modern stained glass with vivid colors.  1 minute walk from our hotel if you are in the old town -I will not suggest that this is worth going a long way out .

Caldea Spa

View from Our Hotel

We Get down at Hotel Sant Jordi. It was quite good and very cheap as we booked 1 week before . it is near to the Sant Esteve church. It does not take much time to visit central . we just walked for all places in andorra shopping, attractions , spa etc….

Journey From Andorra to Barcelona

Early Morning Journey from Andorra villa to Barcelona. It was amazing Journey , The weather and we saw the beauty of sun rise between mountains . There was a good tansport and services.

We have Direct bus and And bus to travel direct from Andorra to Barcelona , bus are available at every 30 minutes  there is office maintained great with 24 hours service. bus stop is very clean and also 24 hrs customer service available. one can book direct ticket in this office.

The journey from andorra to Barcelona is awesome. I captured some beautiful pictures and also I  made a video have a look.

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